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Tiny Watcher 1.5 is a program to monitor Windows systems
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Tiny Watcher 1.5 is a program to monitor Windows systems.
It allows you to keep an eye over sensitive system areas, specially on newly added programs and certain file types and registry entries.

The program can be installed in English or French.

Once installed, Tiny Watcher will perform an initial scan of your system to generate a list of current items, in order to notify you whenever a new item is found. This initial "snapshot" can take several minutes.

The program itself will not identify an item as good or bad, you will have to investigate each new entry by yourself.

The purpose of Tiny Watcher is to help you to speed up your PC, by cleaning unnecessary files, useless programs, etc.

Every time that a new program is installed, the program will warn you, allowing you to "Confirm" or "Remove" programs being executed and registry entries.

You can launch from the warning screen a Web Search, to find out if that particular process is dangerous, and how to proceed with it.

Through the Options menu you will be able to customize the way in which the program works.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s a free tool that can help to keep your system clean


  • It doesn´t identify the threats, or help with the solution
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